What is the full form of CAD

CAD: Computer Aided Design

Computer-aided design, popularly known as CAD, contains a wide range of computer-based tools. These tools are designed for engineers, architects, and professionals in their activities. The whole process of design using CAD involves both software and sometimes specially made hardware.

Modern day systems like 2D drafting, 3D modeling and solid design modelers have CAD as their basic system. Manufacturers use CAD to design virtual products, which can be measured for testing. Without CAD, virtually any product would be expensive to manufacture and test.

CAD is considered a revolutionary design tool, enabling cost-effective solutions and time-saving processes.

CAD is mainly used for product design and development. These products ultimately end up as products used by consumers. CAD is most commonly used in the design and development of instruments. CAD is also widely used for all types of building designs.

The engineering industries use CAD at the product concept stage throughout the entire manufacturing process.

CAD is mostly used in modern industry. Architecture, engineering, construction, mechanical, aircraft, shipbuilding, electronic, electrical or automotive, you name it and the industry will use CAD for any design purpose or any other. This is the huge popularity of CAD as a design tool.

In the 1960s, 3D modeling and surface construction methods began to be used, especially in the aerospace and automotive industries. The first days saw the development of Sketchpad, which can be termed as the predecessor of CAD. The aerospace industry CAD was used commercially and further fueled CAD’s popularity as a design tool.

With the increasing use of computers, especially the growth of the PC market, CAD began to be widely used for construction. Starting with 2D in the 1970s, CAD developed dramatically with an emphasis on 3D modeling and designing. There are many CAD-based products available in the market today, which meet the demand of the niche region.

Application of CAD

  • It is used to deisgn the layout of physical products in manufacturing industry.
  • It is also used to design space vehicles such as Missile, fighting Aircraft.
  • Used in automobile industry to design various parts of a vehicle.
  • Important application of CAd is that it is used to design buildings and houses. Engineers use it to design 2d-plane for floor and 3d-plane for other parts.

What is the most common CAD software

AutoCad is popularly used to design all the components nowdays.

Some Popular CAD tools are

  • CATIA, Siemens NX – Widely used in the Automotive industry
  • AutoCAD – Popular among Automotive industries specifically Civil industry
  • Rhino 3D- Widely used in the Medical Industry, Gaming Design industry

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