What is the full form of GPS: How GPS works

GPS: Global Positioning System

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It is actually a satellite-based navigation system that helps to locate vehicles. It helps any vehicle to track various parameters such as current location, speed, and all weather conditions around the world.

The system was created by the U.S. Department of Defense to help the U.S. Navy track ships. Initially, it was used to share positions between hours and ships.

Later they made it free for everyone. Now anyone who has a GPS receiver installed can track and determine the location.

GPS is something that revolutionizes our daily lives. Sitting at home, a mother can see the location of her son, whether the bus is coming, where is the bus? And many more.

Anyone traveling for long travel purposes can easily find the best route, the shortest time and the best hotels in the city.

Otherwise moving to a new city, you are no longer unfamiliar. Just open your Google Maps and your location. You will never feel new in the city.

What is the difference between GPS and GPRS?

The full form of GPS is the Global Positioning System where the full form of GPRS is General Packet Radio Service GPS is actually a satellite based navigation system where GPRS is used exclusively for video calls, mail access etc.

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GPS application:

  • It helps to determine the exact location of objects, persons and vehicles.
  • GPS helps to search on a low traffic route basis based on information obtained from satellites
  • It is widely used to track location and distance in the Air Force and Army.

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