How to download APK of GTA Vice City | GTA Vice City Game Download Android/iOS App

If you’re a game lover, then you definitely know this term GTA Vice City. Well, In this article, I will tell you how can you download APK of GTA Vice City.


In the contemporary world of the 21st century, the digital trend has added a new edge in every sector. With every passing day, we are witnessing the advancement of technology in more and more sectors. The gaming industry has got a boom amidst such virtual upheaval.

The digitization has paved the way for more and more online activities. Such attractions have influenced the gaming sector too. Most of the people across the globe own smartphones and this is the primary key factor for the success and popularity of such digital trend amongst all young and adult.

The software companies across the world focus on developing better and advanced apps with more attractive features. The number of smartphone user is always on the rise throughout the globe. Therefore, this ensures the success and popularity of the newly launched and updated apps.

The influence can be most significantly witnessed in the online gaming genre. There are loads of games easily available on the internet. These games are of various types and kinds, designed to attract various types of users.

But the most popular kind of game in today’s world is undoubtedly racing and fighting games. The kids and youths of today’s generation are in love with the speed and thrill of such adventurous games.

Basic Details of GTA Vice City

In contemporary times, there must be no chronic game lover exist in the entire world, who still remains unheard of the GTA or the Grand Theft Auto. It is one of the oldest of the online games. Over time, there have been many developments to match the changing demands of gamers across the world.

The range of apk of GTA Vice City extends from ghettos to palaces; beach to swamps. It is one of the most realistic cities on the digital platform. The newer look, style, and design of the game will engross and engage you in more ways than one.

The game was originally launched for PlayStation 2 back in 2002. The later released versions were compatible for Windows PCs, Xbox and Mac OS X. The Android version for the mobile was launched in 2012.

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Key Features of APK of GTA Vice City

One of the principal aspects of GTA is the story-based narrative of the game. It is plotted with 1980 as its background. It depicts the rise of an ordinary man to become the monarch of the dark world of crime by theft and all other forgery methods.

1.    Impeccable Graphics

The graphical representation of the game is commendable. All the characters of this character-driven narrative are realistically created for the best feel and thrill in completing the missions. The lighting effects provide an added edge to it. Be it on any iOS device or Android smartphone, the graphics are equally alluring anywhere.

2.    Fine-tuned Controls

The developers have given you an ample opportunity to choose from a wide range of weapons. The target controls and finely tailored firing techniques act as the USP of the game. Moreover, here you will not find any recoiling guns.

3.    Customized Layouts of the Controls

You can actually use both your thumbs as well as your index finger for better comfort while playing on your smartphone. The control layout panel can be easily customized according to your needs and comforts.

4.    Several Challenging Missions

The uniquely crafted missions of this game keep you focused and engaged for long. They are extremely challenging and soring at the same time. There are several types of missions ranging from simple, normal and tough. Each mission is loaded with new surprises.

5.    Wireless Game Controller Compatible

GTA is perfectly compatible with the wireless game controller like MoGa Wireless Controller. If you find it difficult to operate the controls from your mobile, you can always switch to any wireless game controller for the better gaming experience.

6.    Multi-lingual

The game is supported in multiple languages. Therefore, you cannot miss the thrill and charm of the game because of language.  Apart from English, it is available in Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

Additional Information of APK of GTA Vice City

Apk Name: GTA Vice City

Genre: Action-Adventure

Mode(s): Single Player

Series: Grand Theft Auto

Developer: Rockstar North

Size: 7.3M+1.38 GB OBB file

Version: 1.09

Requirement: 2.3 or above

App Code: com.rockstargames.gtavc

Category: Free Action App

Support Android Version: Android 16 and up

Procedure for downloading GTA Vice City  APK on Android

There are multiple links available on the website providing the link for downloading the latest version of the app for Android download. Your phone must have an empty space of at least 1.5 GB for installation of the program. For installation, you have to navigate to Settings>Privacy>Install Apps from Unknown Sources. You have to enable the last installation menu for installing GTA Vice City  APK.

It can also be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Is it safe to download GTA Vice City APK

This is a third-person game and is perfectly safe if downloaded from a secured source. Millions of users have downloaded the game on a global scale and it is absolutely hassle-free without any threat. There is no case or report of any malware program.

Concluding Words

The developers created the game for killing free time in an engrossing manner. With the advancement of technology, we have seen the rise in the types of digital games. The digital gaming platform has united the world by an invisible network and the gamers across the world have formed a family in a certain manner.

As time progresses, we witness more impact of the virtual upheaval in many other sectors, in many other forms and types. The gaming industry has got a new edge and definition with the advent of online gaming concepts.

The controls of GTA Vice City apk might seem a bit uncomfortable in the beginning. But as the game progresses, it will ease out. The virtual adventures across the neon-drenched city at night provides an added thrill and chill among every gamer.

That’s it guys for apk of GTA Vice City.. Will come with another gaming apk in next article..

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