How to download Instagram videos on Android, iPhone.

Instagram is one of the most engaged social media platform, hence download Instagram videos is a big headache for most of the mobile user.

There was a time when Instagram used to allow only sharing posts and photos, but days have gone. Gone are the days when you could just share a picture in an Instagram post. Now, you can not only share videos with Instagram albums, but you can also share a full ten-minute video in one Instagram post.

Often we come across posts that are attractive and knowledgable on scrolling Insta feed. There are millions of pages that share photos related to our lives. Hence we want to keep these for eternal use. And there is no guaranty that you can watch these things after some time because someone else is controlling it and you never know when he will delete it.

That’s why we try to save it into our gallery for future use. But it is not happening because there is no direct option of saving or downloading.

So, here I will tell you, How to save Instagram videos and make sure you can access them at any time. (And, as a bonus, you don’t need internet access to watch these videos again)

How to download Instagram videos

To download Instagram videos,  follow these steps one by one:
At first, go to the post you or videos you want to download.
Click on the three-dot on the upper-right side of the post.
Now click on copy link from the list

Go to any free downloading tool such as
Now paste the link and download the video.

The process of downloading Instagram videos varies from platform to platform. The above steps are only applicable if you are using a mobile application.
Now, let’s see How you can download Instagram Videos in a different portal.

How to Download Instagram videos on PC

There are a number of tools available for downloading Instagram videos, Here I will use a tool called Downloader4insta. It is a popular downloading tool that allows downloading of Instagram Videos.
Now let us see how can you save photos/ videos from Instagram using Downloaer4insta.

1. Open the user’s Instagram Account.

2. Now go to the particular video that you want to download.
3. Then copy the link of this video from the URL section of your computer.
4. Now open the Downloader4insta tool and paste the link.
5. Click the download button shown on the page.

6. Your video will start downloading immediately.

How to download Instagram videos on iPhone Mobile

To download Instagram videos on IOS operating system such as iPhone again needs an application. There are multiple tools available on the internet such as IGSave, Regrammer, and InstaSave.
Here I will explain to you how you can download Instagram videos using IGSave.
Let’s start.
step1: At first, download the IGSave application from the App store.
step2: Now log in to the user Instagram Account
step3: Go to the Instagram video that you want to download.
step4:  As soon as you click on the video, there will be an option “Save to Gallery”, click on that.
That’s it, the video will be downloaded to your Gallery.


These are the methods that I follow to download Instagram videos on my mobile phones

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